Green Tourism promotes greener ways for Hotels to operate.

Sustainability. A Competitive Advantage in The Hospitality Industry

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, if your hotel does not have a comprehensive sustainability program in place, then you are at a disadvantage. A competitive advantage will be earned by those Hoteliers that implement strategic sustainability programs, that reduce waste in all sectors of their hotel from water, energy waste and recycling, these reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve guest experiences.

What gets measured gets managed.

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Benefits Hoteliers can expect

  • Increased Profits

  • Improved Guest Experience

  • Recognition as an Industry Leader

To maximize these benefits, the sustainability program must include an agreed plan of what and how you intend to achieve your sustainable goals, to take sustainability projects from concept to completion.

Reduced Operating Costs

In addition to reducing utilities, a comprehensive sustainability program also includes best-practice maintenance procedures that prevent excessive maintenance costs and utilities expenses.

Increased Revenue

In addition to reducing costs, sustainability programs can also increase revenue. For instance, a recently conducted a study found that 34% percent of traveller’s would be willing to pay more to stay at an environmentally friendly hotel. ( (2018)

To make your actions and result stand out among the jungle of messages and to benefit from an increased credibility, we will certify your hotel as to its current position on sustainability and your achievements as you start your journey to meet your sustainability agenda. Our certification and evidence packs will offer independent proof of your engagement in environmental improvement and of the results achieved.

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Benefits & Features of our Software:

  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Increased visibility into consumption trends.
  • Access to the right data at the right time
  • Manage multiple hotels from single platform.
  • Access energy, gas, water, and other business data for analysis across multiple buildings
  • Compare performance across multiple properties or against pre-defined KPIs
  • Waste management dashboard which includes your CO2 profile.
Our Software

These are Hot Topics for all hotels today!

Would you like to:

  • Know your current waste position.
  • Monitor your electric and or gas usage.
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill.
  • Find a solution to single use toiletries.

I am sure there are many more questions that you would like to find answers to, and we can help.

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