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Banking sustainability strategy

We all know the concept of sustainability. It is an ethical approach to business that keeps the environment and carbon footprint to the fore, allowing us to do what we have always done, but without making the mess we have [...]

How can law firms in Ireland become sustainable?

When we think of sustainable business, we think of manufacturing. Can we source our raw materials more ethically, and reduce waste in the packaging? We think catering or grocery retail - can we reduce food waste? We don’t think about [...]

Waste Management Regulations Ireland

You would be surprised how long a history environmental regulations have. They go back not decades but centuries, preceding the industrial revolution by hundreds of years. In 1306 King Edward 1 of England introduced a whole raft of regulations, designed [...]

Zero waste economy

A Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy A Zero Waste Economy is one in which reusing, repairing, and recycling (all the Rs, but different Rs than the traditional triad!) are the norm. It’s a circular economy, and one that [...]

What is a zero waste city?

Right, there is a mind-blowing concept. We know what a zero waste company is - an ethical company that has put systems into place to manage their waste. The idea is that no waste goes into landfill - it is [...]

How do you design a green building?

We all know what a light well is. It is an open space in a building that is left unroofed to allow light and air in. It reduces lighting bills, and helps control the temperature. And it is passive - [...]

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