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Waste Management Software

Waste – A Sustainable Net Zero Contributor.

While most future thinking companies include NET ZERO targets in their strategy, many are missing out on circular waste opportunities.

Waste is an uncharted area that can deliver commercial and environmental gains “If done correctly”.

Employing Eiravato 3D Matrix, Companies can turn waste to a Net Zero Contributor

 “The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It”.  

Robert Swan OBE

Transforming Disruption into Opportunity: Post Covid19:

The New Guest Experience.

CEC COVID19 Recovery Plan – Restart your business green, special COVID19 offer of a free waste management audit

Times are critical for the hospitality sector. To support you in difficult times and help with rapid recovery we will help you:

  • To lower your waste costs and volumes
  • To review and optimize your waste spending.
  • Create and achieve a Zero Waste to Landfill strategy
  • Help you to pinpoint your carbon footprint
  • Automate your data

Waste Management Audit

Digitize, Discover and Deliver



The platform accepts your existing waste reports and turns them into environmental intelligence.


Utilising our certified circular waste classification, you get access to materials intelligence and analytics with data. With this, knowledge unfolds, and opportunities appear.


Design, assess and deliver projects using the platform, monitor each transaction to assure quality and share progress with your peers. Companies who use the platform transform + 70% waste into quality materials, improving financial and sustainable performance.

Waste Management Audit

Zero Waste to Landfill Declarations

Build Robust Zero Waste to Landfill Declarations and Elevate to Closed Loop.

CEC brings unseen control over Waste Management processes delivering value, supporting your organizations CSR strategy and Net Zero targets. Validate your partners, build strong blockchain sealed Evidence Packs, and achieve Zero Waste to Landfill, Closed Loop or Circular Economy Declaration status. We can help you save time and money to build strong ZWTL applications.

Waste Data Capture

Know your waste.

This is a Waste Digitization platform to transform waste reports into INTELLIGENCE.

The platform consolidates existing waste provider reports and automates for future real time delivery saving time for busy managers. Waste is identified through AI centred on the classification of materials and their regenerative potential. 

  • Easily track waste movements
  • Advance statistical intelligence by volume
  • SDG 12 with financial data. 
  • Measure performances
  • Identify new projects through real-time insights from dashboards and knowledge library.

Simply upload your first report and our easy onboarding wizard will guide you through the process. Upload historical data to launch powerful predictive analytics to discover, validate and deliver results.

Zero Waste to Landfill Declaration

Build Interactive Dashboards

As industry leaders need access to speedy and accurate information, the platform allows you to build your own dashboard and access to key information when and where you need it. Environmental professionals are busy. In an age of information overload, the ability to simplify and quickly discover key insights is vital. 

Our live dashboards are designed just for that, to aid busy leaders to monitor high-level performance quickly.

Our fully customisable dashboards can be used at many levels to aid your organization and leaders to drive and share their goals. 

Beyond professional dashboards CEC allows customer dashboards where limited data is displayed to educate customers and other stakeholders presenting key achievements and performance indicators.

Sustainable Partnerships

Assess your Emissions.

CEC is leading innovation in waste carbon valorisation. Our scientific CO2 calculation model helps you to assess and calculate your carbon performance.

Emission Calculation Methodology.

Pressure on business and manufacturing, to monitor, report and reduce CO2 emissions continues to increase. All companies wish to show customers, investors and other stakeholders their commitment and strategy to reduce environmental impacts.

CEC provides the most comprehensive and robust set of tools to aid customers to identify their challenges with projects that transform waste to a positive CO2 future through collaborative value chain connectivity. 

By benchmarking products and materials with circular regenerative solutions, such connectivity leads the way in the design of a global standard in responsible waste management and CO2 mitigation.

Waste Management Audit

Harnessing DATA to deliver PERFORMANCE

Multi-Provider Data Automation

Management of large manufacturing sites is a challenging task, especially when it comes to waste. Delivering outstanding environmental performance require engagement with specialised partners, which means multiple data sets in various formats. A time-consuming nightmare for any environmental leader.

CEC has made data management easy by implementation of our platform as an automated data collation tool. Multi-provider data is now aligned, standardised, and presented live on a single dashboard.

Waste Management Software Dashboard
Waste Management Software Dashboard
Waste Management Audit

Enhanced Multi-Provider Traceability


Waste traceability is beginning to play a major role in any organization’s sustainability performance. Recording and maintaining Lifecycle process for each waste type is a challenging task.

With an understanding of a crucial link between waste tracking and sustainability, utilising our platform will enable any company and its Value Chain to quickly build Lifecycle models and apply data collection strategies.

Each waste transfer is now recorded and tracked. Enhanced traceability enables a company and its partners to maximise value of waste, reducing standard recycling and incineration towards resource capture.

Waste Management Software
Zero Waste to Landfill Ireland

Turning Waste into Opportunity

In today’s world, organizations start to understand the power of waste in delivery of SDG12 goals. In many cases, a lack of data and reliance on very basic waste classification prevents implementation of sustainable projects. This is the case with companies. A manufacturer producing a variety of items relying on waste code classification is not able to clearly understand the material opportunities within their waste.

With use of our technology, waste materials can be re-classified towards Circular reuse. Utilising software intelligence, customers can create material mix and implement waste processing methodology that both transformed waste to quality material and also turn cost into revenue.

Build sustainable Value Chains

Net Zero targets simply cannot be delivered without strong Value Chain partnerships. Shared focus value chains outperform competition, by delivery of innovation, expertise and excellence. Our technology supports building of strong sustainable Value Chains with our excellence sharing and communication tools.

Built on economic principles EIRAVATO methodology is applicable even to the smallest partners within the value chain, reducing risk of implementation of Net Zero targets.

Zero Waste to Landfill Declaration
Waste Management Audit